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What is an Ad Campaign? PLUS, Tips & Tricks

Good ad campaigns are one of the MOST important aspects of a successful marketing strategy. But what makes up a successful ad campaign? What even IS an ad campaign? We will answer those questions and more in this blog post dedicated to all things ad campaigns.

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What is an ad campaign?

Before we get into the meat and potatoes of successful ad campaigns, let’s discuss what an actual ad campaign is and why they can be beneficial for your small business.

Ad Campaign vs. Marketing Campaign

Not to be confused with a marketing campaign, ad campaigns are a more focused view than a typical marketing campaign. There can be a multitude of ad campaigns in one’s overall marketing campaign. Ad campaigns can be anything that you can either see, read or hear that all share a similar message with a similar goal in mind.

Types of Ad Campaigns

Now, what TYPES of ad campaigns are out there? Here is a condensed list:

  • Online Ads

    • Examples- celebrities, influencers, video, static images

  • Social Media

    • Examples- Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

  • Email

  • Print

  • Radio/Audio

    • Examples-podcast advertisements

  • Television/Platform Ads

    • Examples-Hulu with ads

Ad Campaign Benefits

Lastly, how can all these ad campaigns be beneficial to small business owners? Instead of just trying to win over competitors, businesses can run targeted ad campaigns to find just the right customers for them. Technology has made it even easier for small businesses to find their potential target audiences. Running a more focused ad campaign can lead to better results than a more generalized campaign and can end up saving your company money.

Not only does it save you money, but it can also bring in even more traffic and sales to increase profit margins. You can get more shares, which leads to more impressions. There are many successful ad campaigns that may be familiar to you, like:

  • Shaq’s partnership with Gold Bond

  • Netflix’s Narcos

  • Kit Kat’s “Gimme a Break”

  • “Got Milk?” from The California Milk Processor Board

  • “Just Do It”- Nike

Tips & Tricks

In this section, we’ll provide you with some helpful tips and tricks for a successful ad campaign. If you would like more in-depth and customized ad campaign advice, send us an email! We will be happy to assist you in creating engaging and successful ad campaigns for your small business!

1. Be specific with your goals.

It’s important in a successful ad campaign to be specific. Be specific when setting your campaign goals. Do you want to create so many impressions? What about a specific number of newsletter sign-ups? Be specific about your target market as well. Sending it to a more generalized audience won’t be as effective in the long run.

2. Creative Copy

Not only do the ad campaigns have to catch the eyes of the public, but the copy needs to be top-notch as well. Customers look for clear and concise copy. Does it flow naturally? Does it include a call-to-action (CTA)? Is it the right length? Many tiny details must be hammered out regarding the copy of the ads. You also need all the copy to deliver the same message throughout.

3. Eye Catching Designs

Your ads need to stand out against the masses. They are also the first thing customers will see of your company, so you want to make a good first impression. That puts a lot of pressure on an ad! Companies can execute this time and again. It’s important to decide early on the theme of the ad campaign to execute that in the visuals of the campaign.

4. Great Tag Line

This can be stuck in the category of copy, but we decided to give it a section of its own just because of how important a great tag line can be in a successful campaign. The most successful ad campaigns had catchy tag lines like:

  • Just Do It

  • Got Milk?

  • You’re In Good Hands

  • Expect more. Pay Less.

  • Because You’re Worth It

Even a great line from a video ad campaign can become a success, “It’s Jake, from State Farm.” Everyone immediately knows where that is from, and the company’s name is on the line.

Wrap Up

If you’re able to combine the included tips and tricks into a new ad campaign, you may be on the verge of a successful and profitable ad campaign. If you would like more hands-on experience or advice, give us a shout! We can provide even more detailed advice on running a successful ad campaign for your small business! You can fill out a contact form here, and we will be in touch ASAP!


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