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Expertise. Intuition. Passion.

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I'm Jenny Morissette, and in 2020, I began exploring the world of Digital Marketing. I started with copywriting and soon found my passion for Social Media Management and Digital Marketing. Shortly after I decided it was time to finish school and get my bachelor's degree in Digital Marketing. A year and a half later, I graduated from Colorado Technically University and began growing my business, Elemental Plans. However, with that growth, I found the need for a team in order to continue providing superior service to our clients across the United States. I started working with copywriters, graphic designers, and analytic experts that help me to create successful approaches and results for our clients. With a keen eye for aesthetics and creating effortless flow, our focus is always on providing strategic goals and innovative solutions for your digital presence.
       Upon receiving your request, I will create a basic review of your digital presence and present my findings and recommendations to you during a complimentary discovery call. This information will create a call to action for your digital presence that will grow your brand's awareness and deliver results. Get in touch to learn more about our services and consulting approach.

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