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What Is a Social Media Manager?

On the surface, you may think all a Social Media Manager (SMM) does is create and schedule posts and comment back. What if we told you that was just the tip of the iceberg? To someone on the outside of social media management, it could look just like that, but it is so much more. In this blog, we are going to go over the top five functions of a Social Media Manager.

It should first be noted that a client can be anything. It could be a large corporation, or you want someone to track the success of a product on your social media. A social media manager could be helping a single individual with their social media growth, or a small business get its feet off the ground.

Each client is different; therefore, each function can be modified in each instance to fit that client. To get a better understanding of what you as a client may need, get in contact with us at Elemental Planning to schedule a complimentary discovery call.

1 Communication & Engagement

The first and most obvious function is, of course, social media communication and engagement. These are a few typical tasks that you would see an SMM do for you as a client,

- Determine how often to post on all social media platforms

- Reply to comments and overall engagement with the client’s social media communities

These functions can vary from creating posts once a week for one account or maybe you have five accounts and need posts multiple times a week on each account. If you check out our Plans link, it will list each plan that we offer and what comes with each plan.

2 Gather Competitor Data

The second function is to gather data on competitors and relay that information to their client.

In this function, they are learning all about your competitors and their strengths and weaknesses in the market you are both in. An SMM can then go to you with ways to improve your business strategies to overcome competition and convert interested consumers into customers.

In this way, a client can get information about their competitors in a non-biased way. A social media manager should be truly knowledgeable about how companies market themselves and their competitive edge over others. They come in with fresh eyes to look over how to better market yourself compared to your competitors.

3 Content & Promotions

The third function is to brainstorm content and promotions.

The first part of this function may seem obvious. As Social Media managers, they need to produce content ideas. That is what you’re paying them for, right?

Along with creating unique content for their clients, SMMs can also analyze content and followers to create new campaigns/promotions. This could look like a small flash sale or a brand-new campaign to help their client align with their business goals and align better with their target market.

4 Increase Followers

The fourth function is a combination of all the above with the goal of increasing followers and driving engagement. That should be the primary goal of any social media manager and if they are good at their job, they will be successful at it.

By using their expertise and engaging with the already present follower base, your SMM will try to increase your follower count in many ways, including

- Posting more on all social media platforms

- Engaging with the follower base by answering comments or liking posts

- Staying relevant on social media by commenting on viral posts that may pertain to your target market/audience

5 Analytics

Lastly, and one of the most essential functions, is being able to report on the metrics to their client and their stakeholders.

Social Media Managers can easily create posts and comments on social media, but an SMM needs to be able to compile all the information that they have collected through the last 4 functions and convert it into a report. As a client, you want to know how the SMM is doing, and if they follow through on their tasks, like increasing follower count or producing creative content.

In this function, communication is key between the client and the Social Media Manager. If you, as a client, feel like you’re not being heard, let your social media manager know.

At Elemental Plans, we do monthly video calls to help align Social Media Managers with their clients. You can discuss goals, ideas, upcoming events, etc. We want to foster clear communication with our clients so that we can better understand your needs. To get in contact with us, you can go to our website,, fill out our short form and someone will reach out to you.

Overall, a Social Media Manager does so much more than just posting content and replying to comments. It takes a lot of skill and dedication to be good at this job. That’s why at Elemental Plans, we put the client first and strive to provide strategic goals and innovative solutions for your digital presence.


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