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Top 9 Vital Facebook Metrics to Track

It may be difficult for someone new to online advertising and digital marketing to understand what Facebook metrics are, let alone how they work. As someone who is running a business, it may not be in your wheelhouse to sit down and learn all about Facebook metrics. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top nine metrics to track on Facebook and why they are important.

First, a metric, in the simplest of terms, is a way to track your digital footprint. You can track things like the reach of your posts, cost per conversion, impressions, etc. These words may not sound familiar to you now, but after reading this blog, they will become clear at the end.

If by the end of this post, you are still unsure how to track your metrics, reach out to us at Elemental Plans. We are here for any of your digital marketing needs.

1. Reach

The first important metric to track is Reach. When we talk about Reach, we mean the total number of unique people who have viewed your post. This can help you gauge your audience size. On Facebook, Reach has two distinct categories, organic and paid.

2. Engagement

This is like Reach, but instead of counting views, it counts the number of interactions your post had from others. Likes, shares, comments, etc. Facebook uses a certain formula to calculate the average engagement rate. Shown below, this is the formula.

3. The Ideal Time to Post

Each type of social media has its own “algorithms” that will place content in front of its users. Each algorithm is different, so it can be hard to determine when the best time to post should be. According to different studies, it shows that Friday would be the best time to post, as well as during the week from 1-4 PM. That is the sweet spot where you could get more engagement.

4. Impressions

This metric is remarkably similar to reach. The only difference is that with reach, it only counts each UNIQUE person who has viewed your content. Impressions count how many times someone views your post, no matter if they’ve viewed it once, or five times. It will count all five times. These are important to measure how “viral” your post is. Your impression count will always match or be higher than your reach, but for your post to become “viral” your impressions need to far outweigh the reach count.

5. Click-Through Rate (CTR)

This number is calculated as a percentage of users who clicked on your post. It is calculated by dividing the number of clicks by the number of impressions.

Facebook is known for its high click-through rate results. It is known as the highest click-through rate of any social media platform. That is why companies spend lots of money on Facebook advertising. As an important metric, you want to utilize it. Elemental Plans offers services that can help you with this metric and all the other ones we have listed.

If this seems like an impossible task to get started on, reach out. Click this link,, and fill out the short form we have. Let us help you take some of this burden off your shoulders.

6. Cost per Click (CPC)

This is an easy one. It means exactly what it’s saying. How much did it cost to get that conversion/click? You are taking all of the costs of the social media campaign you are running and dividing that by the number of clicks. This is an important metric, especially if you’re utilizing Facebook ads. If you’re spending lots of money on Facebook ads, but your CTR is low, you should really reevaluate how much you’re spending.

7. Follower Demographics

A metric like this should be used and viewed regularly. Knowing who your target audience is is one thing but using Facebook demographics is optimal for knowing who your audience actually is. You can determine male vs. female following, age, location, etc. All will help you gauge how your content should be curated and help the direction of your content in the future.

8. Page Likes and Followers

The number of likes and followers on your page is especially important. On Facebook, they will track all that for you, and you will be able to see your growth from month to month. This is a great tool to use when gauging how your marketing strategy is doing overall.

9. Audience Retention

A particularly important Facebook metric to keep an eye on is your audience retention, which is how long the users are watching your videos. This is a metric geared more towards businesses that post a lot of videos. You can gauge if the videos you're posting are too long. You can see when users click off the video, which can be particularly useful on what content they found useful and what they didn’t.

Overall, Facebook, as well as other platforms, does a decent job at breaking down how your page is doing. If it still seems like a different language to you, you can always outsource and get some help. At Elemental Plans, we will track all this information for you and relay to you the critical aspects of it in terms that are easy to understand.


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