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Keywords: What They Are & How to Use Them

Keywords are a hot topic in today’s digital marketing world. It can be tricky to get a grasp on how they work and how to really utilize them. In this article, we will break down what keywords are and why they are important. We will also touch on ways to incorporate them into your social media to hopefully bring in some new traffic.

We do have a blog that has already touched on the subject of keywords. You can read it by clicking this link,

When you are wanting to search for something, you go to Google, you type in what you’re looking for and like magic, Google brings up thousands and thousands of links that might match your search. Say for instance you’re wanting to find a good pair of running shoes. You might type into Google, blue running shoes. You are now going to get pages and pages of results, all pertaining to blue running shoes.

What are keywords?

Keywords are also known as SEO keywords. SEO (search engine optimization) keywords are words or phrases that you use to search for something on the internet, like the example above with blue running shoes. It can be as long or as short as you like. You can get extremely specific like organic purple and blue dog toy made with recycled materials, or short, dog toy.

Why is utilizing keywords so important?

Utilizing keywords is particularly important in getting your page seen. How many times have you clicked on the second page of your search results? Or the third page? Have you ever even thought to click on the sixth? Probably not. We're accustomed to finding answers quickly. We will normally stick to the first page of results, sometimes going on to the second page but rarely onwards after that. Utilizing keywords can get you listed higher on the search results. Without the utilization of keywords, you could end up being the 190th result for blue running shoes.

How do I find keywords?

Finding keywords can be easy but finding the right keywords can sometimes be exceedingly difficult. It is normally recommended to focus on long-tail keywords. Think of them as “niche” keywords. They are not regularly searched at a high volume and can be extremely specific.

From my example above, “organic purple or blue dog toy made with recycled materials” is a long-tail keyword. Not many people are searching for it but with long-tail keywords, they tend to convert at a higher rate compared to just “dog toy.” It is easier to rank when using long-tail keywords because there is less competition. You might rank low if you try utilizing just “dog toy.” You are competing with giants like Petco or Bark Box.

How do I use the keywords?

You have identified what keywords you want to use, now how do you put them into use to start bringing in traffic and ranking higher on Google? Keywords can be integrated onto your website in several different ways:

  • Metadata, which can include title tags or meta descriptions

  • Articles

  • Website copy

  • Blogs

That’s all good and great that we’ve listed ways you can incorporate keywords but that doesn’t answer the question of HOW to use keywords. Building off of what we learned earlier pertaining to long-tail keywords, we can use those keywords to create niche content. The wonderful thing about long-tail keywords is that you can really lean into that topic on your website. If you can grab the attention of even one person in that niche market, it can spread like wildfire.

Using long-tail keywords that have less competition can help your business in a multitude of ways, authority and trustworthiness being the most important. If you can establish your business in that niche market as trustworthy, and Google also deems it as trustworthy, you can be listed higher on Google. Google will use its algorithms and categorize you as an expert website on the niche topic.

Using those keywords in blog titles or within the content of the blog, on your website’s landing pages, or even in the metadata descriptions of photos on your website can all help your rank on Google.

This may seem like an impossible and confusing task and that’s why we're here to help you with keywords and so much more. Elemental Plans has different packages that we offer with several services to help your online business succeed. We can help find those keywords you are looking for and to help you rank higher on Google. To view the different services we offer, visit If you have any questions, you can fill out the short form on our contact us page and someone will get in contact with you ASAP to help you!


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