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6 New Social Media Trends to Keep an Eye on in 2023

With the new year starting out, a lot of businesses are asking their marketing departments what is new and noteworthy to keep an eye on in the upcoming year. With that in mind, we’ve created a list of the top 6 new social media trends in 2023 that we think businesses should track and think about implementing in their own marketing plans.

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BeReal Breakout

BeReal is the newest social media app to emerge in 2022. Gaining popularity and traction in 2022, there is more than enough potential for BeReal to become THE social media giant of 2023. But how can businesses utilize an app that doesn’t incentivize its users to continue using it?

It’s a hard question to answer and one that can’t be answered with a simple here’s what to do. It’s important for businesses to understand the WHY behind customers using certain apps. What makes BeReal so enticing for users? Authenticity. It’s important for consumers to feel authentic in today’s economy and they lean towards brands that they feel are authentic as well. While BeReal may not be a great source to advertise and gain customers now, it is a way for you to build relationships with your customers. This is an app to watch!


There has been a recent push in social media for more informative content. More and more users are seeking out information they can learn via social media. The key to this area is to make content not only informative but fun and entertaining as well.

With the emergence of TikTok becoming a space where creators can share valuable information with other users, it has quickly become a massive information hub. Users typically find that creators they follow are trustworthy and listen to the information that’s provided to them.

How can businesses utilize this? Take it as an opportunity to build a relationship with your customers. Research what your customer's pain points are and create short-form videos to address those issues. Are there common questions being asked about your company? Answer it in a FAQ video. As long as you are sharing content that is informative and entertaining, you’re sure to get some views.

Employee Advocacy

We saw a lot of employee advocacy in 2022. With quiet quitting and acting your wage, companies are more aware that employee advocacy is important. With the internet aiding employees in sharing their stories, more and more companies are brought into the light, and many times, not in a good way.

Now is the time for companies to focus on their employees and the advocacy programs they offer. Companies that have implemented good advocacy programs have actually seen an increase in job applicants, brand awareness, and more. Just from employees sharing their positive experiences from their job. Now is the time to look inward to determine what your employees need and want and to create programs that help provide those incentives to your employees.

Reels Remain

Instagram is still the main advertising platform for companies going into 2023. Instagram statistics show that there are 1.5 billion daily active users and it is the preferred app for 16 to 24-year-olds. Reels had an increase in activity in mid-2022, growing by almost 220 million users from July to October. With the algorithm pushing reels, it’s your best bet to be seen by customers on Instagram.

If you have yet to jump into the Instagram Reels department, now is the time. If you want help or advice on how to best utilize reels for your company, contact us! It’s what we do!

UGC Redefined

User-generated content (UGC) was a popular form of content in the past year and isn’t going away anytime soon. Consumers prefer UGC because it’s not made by brands, it's made by regular people that do regular things. Think American Eagle showcasing customer photos instead of a product shot.

There has been a shift in how UGC content is being created recently. More and more users are taking it a step further and creating an income from it. Instead of an influencer that posts branded content to their page, UGC content creators hand over their created content to the brands to then post and advertise, receiving money for their content creation efforts.

This is an industry shift, where companies are handing over their social media labor to the “creator economy” to do the work for them. Brands have noticed the shift in customers wanting more authentic feeling content and this is a solution. Branded content they didn’t have to make themselves that fits the “authentic” narrative.

Closed Captioning Default

In the past, many users have been watching social media videos on silent, without the added bonus of closed captioning to aid in understanding what the video is about. Now, closed captioning is an almost required addition to a post for more traction. It increases not only accessibility for those hearing impaired or that want to watch videos on silent but also increases engagement and discoverability.

Businesses need to learn about how to add closed captioning to videos and utilize the addition of keywords to make their content more discoverable. Used in the correct way, closed captioning can be a great SEO tool for businesses.

Keep these 6 new social media trends in mind when creating or adjusting your 2023 marketing plans and for any content in the future. It’s imperative for companies to stay in front of trends so that they stay relevant in a constantly changing market and economy. Happy marketing!



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