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User Experience - What Is It and Why Is It Important?

Does your business have a website where users can go to find information about you and shop for your products? Have you ever thought about what it may look like to your audience? Is it easy to navigate? Aesthetically pleasing to the eye?

Answers to these questions are important. They help you get a feel for their experience on your website and how you might be able to better their experience in the future. This process of reflection is important when talking about user experience.

User experience, or UX for short, is any interaction customers have when coming across your company’s website, social media profile, etc. This can include things like what they hear, see, or even emotionally experience from looking at your online presence.

We can break it down even further by categorizing the different factors a user can experience on your website as follows:

  • Credibility - How much can they trust you when it concerns your industry and more specifically, your products? A good User Experience will cause your audience to consider you as knowledgeable, and even an expert in your industry.

  • Usefulness - How useful is your product or service? Is there a direct use for it?

  • Accessibility - Is your website or overall online presence easily accessible to them? Is there a mobile version that is easy to navigate? Is the website easy to navigate to find what they’re looking for?

  • Value - Does your brand bring value to your customers’ lives?

  • Desirability - Do other consumers want your product?

When talking UX, think about the entire experience a customer will have when wanting to purchase a product. There are so many benefits to a great user experience.

Why Is User Experience Important?

UX can be very important when we talk about conversion rates because it has been proven that user experience significantly affects conversion rates on websites. Users may not want (or be able) to purchase from a website that they can’t navigate easily. Although this is just one of the benefits of a great user experience, there are many more. We have compiled a short list to give you an idea of the benefits you can reap from spending some time working on your UX design.

  • Customer Retention/Repeat Customers If it is easy for a customer to navigate to your website and find what they are looking for, it will improve customer retention significantly. If they are pleased with the overall experience dealing with your company, they are more likely to stay with you. They are more likely to purchase from you repeatedly because of how easy and convenient it is for them.

  • Customer Recommendations If a user has a good enough experience to want to tell others about it, that’s a major success for a business. Not only did you gain a customer, but also a brand ambassador, someone to speak about your company positively. This can bring in new customers without having to spend money on advertising.

  • Higher Conversion Rates As we mentioned before, conversion rates are affected significantly by user experience. If it’s poor, a customer will give up and leave the website, ending in a lost sale. But, if it’s a positive experience, the website is easy to navigate, customers are more likely to purchase a product. This is always a huge benefit to companies because this is where you see the benefit in physical form - money in, customer numbers up, and more products being bought.

  • Enhanced Credibility This is an important benefit because not only will customers view you as an “expert” in the field, but Google will start to recognize you as an expert and can start to list you higher in its search engine. This is a HUGE benefit to being seen on the internet. Combining search engine optimization (SEO) and user experience is a formula for great success in getting ranked higher on Google.

If you would like guidance on how to optimize the User Experience on your website, give us a shout at Elemental Plans! We offer free consultations ranging from social media to a website's user experience. Website services are one of the many services we offer for our clients. We not only will help you with ways to improve UX but can also redesign a brand-new website for you. If you don’t have a website, not a problem, we can help you with that too by designing one for you. We also offer monthly website monitoring to measure the effectiveness of your user experience and keep your website up to date. Reach out to us to see how we can help you better your digital presence,

In conclusion, user experience is an important factor in your business's digital presence and one you should take advantage of. Not only will user experience help your business image but it could improve sales and even rankings on Google. It wouldn’t hurt to investigate it!

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