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The Anatomy of an Effective Marketing Email

With social media making it easier to segment and reach your target audience, many overlook the importance and benefits of an effective marketing email. If companies can execute a well-targeted email campaign to their target demographic, their return on investment, or ROI for short, can be significantly higher than a normal social media marketing campaign. Isn’t that reason enough to look into upping your email game?

In this blog post, we will discuss what creates an effective marketing email and why it contributes such a high ROI compared to other mediums. Email has been and continues to be the best form of advertising for many businesses, so it’s important not to overlook such an important contributing factor to your sales.

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The 4 Steps for Email Marketing Success

We’ve separated out the anatomy of an effective marketing email into 4 easy steps. If you can implement all four into your marketing strategy, you can see an increase in traffic and sales in the future.

1. List Creation

If you don’t already have a marketing email list set up, now is the time to do it! To do this, companies need to push email signups. But how do you do that? There are a multitude of ways to go about collecting emails from prospective customers like:

  • A pop-up on your website

  • Offer email receipts (make sure to include that they will receive promotional ads if they input their email)

  • Discount codes for signing up to the email list.

It’s important to monitor this list as time progresses. Monitoring open rates and deleting inactive emails is important in keeping your list updated and creating the most value for your time and effort.

2. Determine Your Direction and Goal

With no direction to look to, email marketing can become “spammy,” for lack of a better word. Having a direct goal in mind is important to keep emails on the right track and focused. Think to yourself, “What would you want the reader to do with your email?” You can try promotional emails with discount codes, or if you’re wanting to gather some intel, try out a survey for customers to complete with an incentive at the end for them.

To determine if you are moving in the right direction, it’s important to monitor open rates regularly to determine what is working and what isn’t. Don’t stick to the same content either. Try out different subject lines, different content, and different imagery. Play around with it and have some fun with creativity! Customers will be more inclined to open your emails if they know it’s going to be interesting to look at!

3. Target Your Target Audience

With email, you can get as niche as you want to. According to a survey that Business 2 Community conducted, some companies reported an increase of at least 760% by splitting their email campaigns into more segmented sections. Not sure what segments to investigate? Here’s a quick list of segments that other companies have used:

  • Interests - your customer’s personal interests

  • Inactivity - no engagement within an extended period

  • Location - targeted location emails

  • New Subscribers - incentivizing new customers

  • Demographics - age, sex, occupation, etc.

Don’t just send out one mass email every so often with a discount code. Get niche with your content and send out multiple different emails to different segmented groups. This makes your content look personalized and shows you took the time to reach out to your customers specifically.

4. Copywriting

Email can only get you so far with images and emojis. If the copy doesn’t translate, many customers will click off. To make your content more engaging, look into increasing your copywriting skills. This can include a multitude of things but a few that we recommend sharpening are:

  • Subject lines need to be direct and concise.

  • Utilize subheadings to break up large bodies of text and to keep readers engaged.

  • Concise CTAs (call-to-actions) that promote a sense of urgency or an incentive for the customer.

  • Graphics can also be a great tool and fun for customers to look at.

Benefits of an Effective Email Marketing Campaign

Companies need to remember that they are not the only company sending out promotional emails. Almost every business sends out promotional emails, so it’s a constant battle of whose email was better. Following our 4 steps we listed earlier should get you ahead of other competitors and hopefully get your emails seen by more of your target audience. That is a huge benefit. Some additional benefits to you and your customers can be:

  • Personalization and customization to certain target audiences.

  • Increase in traffic and hopefully sales.

  • Build customer relationships and loyalty.

  • Provide a great customer experience.

  • Reaching customers when they’re ready to listen.

As you can see, there’s more to email marketing than just a discount code. Many companies have leveraged their email marketing campaigns and have seen great success by doing so. If you need help in creating a successful email marketing campaign, reach out to us at Elemental Plans, it’s what we do!


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