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How Does Your Business Benefit from Hiring a Social Media Management Team

Marketing through social media is one of the most cost-effective strategies a business can use to reach its audience and boost sales over time. The online scene is constantly growing which is something every business should be taking advantage of. However, its constant growth means constant change. Luckily for both you and your business, there are social media managers and teams who specialize in this specific area of marketing. Hiring a social media management team, as we have here at Elemental Plans will give your business a marketing advantage. By building brand awareness we will be able to bring more traffic to your website which will lead to more conversions and sales. And by creating conversation with your audience, not only will we build better customer satisfaction, but their engagement will work to improve your search engine rankings.

Increase Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the extent to which your audience recognizes your brand. And according to SproutSocial in a 2018 study, increasing brand awareness was the top goal of marketers (and we would say it still is). If your audience doesn’t recognize your logo, slogan, voice, or color combinations, you will be easily skipped over. However, this isn’t just about imagery, it involves being engaged with your audience and creating communication with them. Social media is a great way for your business to share its long-form content in short bite-size bits to get your audience to your website and open a line of communication between your business and audience. And finally, social sharing is the goal. By generating content that your audience wants to share with others whether it's information, inspiration, or something funny, you're growing your brand awareness to potential customers. (Mosley)

More Inbound Traffic

As stated with brand awareness, sharing your long-form content in small increments on social media drives your audience to view more of what you have to offer on your website. And having multiple social media channels allows you to reach different sections of your target audience. Breaking your long-form content down to fit the needs of each platform you use can be time-consuming, that's where we come in. It's important to remember that what works for Facebook won’t work for Twitter and vice versa. Creating share-worthy content is sort of like word-of-mouth advertising, except since it is digital there is a direct link back to the business. (Psst... more conversions.)

Improved Search Engine Rankings

The SEO experts at Semrush inform us that “social media does not directly contribute to SEO ranking, but the links you share across social platforms increase brand exposure.” According to a study done by CognitiveSEO of 23 million social shares, the likes, comments, and shares of your posts create important signals for Google and other search engines that are used to rank your website. So, in a roundabout way, putting your long-form content into short-form social posts that encourage engagement and direct your audience back to your website, will help to improve your business's search rankings.

Higher Conversion Rates

By providing your audience with not only social content that links to your website but also a variety of content that is informative, engaging, funny, and native. The likes, comments, and shares of these posts will help to get your content seen by more potential customers (greater reach). And when these potential customers see a post with a link that interests them, they’ll click it and be led to the relevant page you have linked. This gets them started in your marketing funnel towards eventual conversion and customer loyalty. (Gray and Patel)

Better Customer Satisfaction

It’s no secret that social media can be a place to engage with your customers and we all like to think that engagement will be positive but that wouldn’t be completely realistic, would it? When a negative comment comes out it's important to view this as an opportunity, instead of an insult. Acknowledge the comment publicly and follow up privately. Social media can be a great place to answer questions and solve problems for your customers. Not only does this go to address the problems customers are having but also informs your audience of any problems the business might be having that could impact the customers such as a weather-related power outage or your website is temporarily down. Social media is a good way to highlight customers who have done something positive, interesting, and cool with your products or services. And also gives you the chance to humanize your company, offer discount codes, or advertise for upcoming promotions. And to top it all off, communication through social media gives your company the chance to gain helpful and insightful feedback from your customers! (Schiff)


Social media tends to be underutilized by most small businesses that may not realize its potential or don't know what to do with it. We understand there are a lot of aspects to social media, so at Elemental Plans, we are here to help you grow your business through your social media presence. We have team members who can either take the reins and do it all for you, set up campaigns, or teach one of your team members the basics to get going. Click here to request more information on how we can create a custom plan for your business.


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